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Keep the "Time sync" function in winXPlanetBG


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winXPlanetBG for XPlanet 1.2.0 and above

winXPlanetBG v1.1.3.68 (1282 KByte) for XPlanet 1.2.0 and above

winXplanetBG replaces the batch file xplanet.bat of XPlanet by Hari Nair to start xplanet periodically in the background. If you like to know more about XPlanet take also a look at Wikipedia.

To use winXplanetBG you only have to install XPlanet 1.2.0 and copy winXPlanetBG into the xplanet directory. Now you can select most of the xplanet parameters comfortable in winXPlanetBG. Also you can play easily with the parameters by saving them into different config files. winXPlanetBG can check automatically wether there are new cloud image files and then it will download them.

winXPlanetbg ersetzt den batchfilestarter xplanet.bat von XPlanet von Hari Nair um xplanet regelmäßig im Hintergrund zu starten. Mehr Informationen zu XPlanet gibt es außerdem in der Wikipedia.

Nach der Installation von XPlanet 1.2.0 kopiert man einfach winXPlanetBG in das XPlanet Hauptverzeichnis. Nun kann man fast alle xplanet Parameter komfortable in winXPlanetBG auswählen. Man kann sich verschiedene Konfigurationen anlegen, um einfach mit den Parametern herumzuspielen. winXPlanetBG überprüft automatisch ob es neue Wolkenbilder gibt und lädt diese dann herunter.

Screenshots and a little HowTo

This is a screenshot of my Windows XP desktop with my xplanet settings (click for a full size image)

Desktop Screenshot

Here I have a second screenshot of my desktop (click for a full size image)

 Desktop Screenshot 2

The main window with the general settings for the xplanet start.
Enter the XPlanet start interval, and the interval to search for new cloud files.
When you uncheck the "hide XPlanet window" you can see all messages from xplanet.exe. Do this for debugging when you have entered a parameter and nothing happens, so you can see the error.
On this page you can now save different configurations to play with the parameters.

General Tab

On the "Parameter" tab you will find another three tabs to change some settings for xplanet.

On the first settings tab you can easily enter some of the xplanet parameters by choosing values via dop down boxes.

  • You have to chose the xplanet "Config File". Here it is the "default" config file.
  • Then you have to select the "body" you like to see on your desktop.
  • With the "radius" parameter you can zoom in and out. A radius of 50 will fill 100% of the desktop screen.
  • You can enable/disable a "background" like to have behind the body.
  • The "viewpoint" is the place you like to have in the center. You can enter the longitud/latitude or a position from outer space.
  • If you like to keep the rendered images, you should select to put the images in the xplanet folder and to save them
  • The "projection" will render the image as seen in the preview
  • You can rote the image,
  • place a lable on the image,
  • and center the body on the desktop.

Parameter Tab

On the "XPlanet Configuration" tab, you can select do the follwing things:

  • You have to select the body, you like to change
  • The following parameters are written to the xplanet config file. To write them in the file you have to press the "Apply changes" button.
  • The "map" is the image you will see on the day side. For the best results you should use a resolution of 2048x1024.
  • The "night map" is the image you will see on the night side. For the best results you should use a resolution of 2048x1024.
  • If you have a "cloud map", you should point to this file. For the best results you should use a resolution of 2048x1024.
  • If you like to see the orbit you can also select its color.
  • You can magnify the body, if you like to see more then one body.

By right clicking a "Marker file" or "Satellite" you can Edit, Copy or Delete it.

Parameter Tab 2

On the "Additional command line parameter" tab you can enter additional command line parameter for xplanet.

Parameter Tab 3

On the "Download settings" tab you can modify the settings for automatic/manual file downloads.

You can enter your proxy parameters, when you are behind a proxy.

For downloading the cloud file enter one URL for the image and the destination path and filename.

In the "Execute File after download" field, you can enter a file for preprocessing the images (click for an example).
When you dont want to check for new files regulary, you can enter fixed times, when to check for a new cloud file.
In the "TLE Files" table you can enter some extra files you want to download sometime, like the .tle files from NORAD for the satellite tracking and the earthquakes from The earthquakes will be automatically converted to a quake.marker file to show the quakes as a marker on the earth, see the winxplanetbg.txt for more informations.

Download Settings Tab

Automatically adjust your computers date and time from a NTP Server.
By clicking on the "List of Timeserver" on the window you can get a list with a lot of possible time servers.

Time Sync Tab

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